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Give Greater Health December Giving

This year continues to be challenging for everyone, but we know that certain individuals are more effected than others. Oftentimes, those hardships are not always evident to outside observers.

It's no surprise that food insecurity is a reality for many individuals and families across our region, but did you know that some of these individuals are right here within our health system? Our own patients, employees, and students experience food insecurity on a regular basis, and this year has certainly caused an increase.  

The Community Relations Team manages several programs that provide food assistance for our
patients, employees and students. 
Please consider supporting one of these worthy projects that strengthen our community.

Since healthcare professionals are often among the first to identify food insecurities in individuals, Penn State Health participates in the Patient Emergency Food Box Program, which provides food boxes for families. Each box provides three meals a day for three days.

Additionally, Penn State Health also facilitates the Employee Food Access Program and The Lion's Pantry as resources for employees and students who are experiencing food insecurity. These programs provide employees and students access to food boxes that serve 2-3 people with three meals a day for three days. 


"I feel strongly that it is important to support food access programs across our system and community because no one should go without food, no one should wonder where their next meal is and having access to healthy, nutritious food impacts us on so many levels. It is difficult for people to focus on school, work and family if we are worried about feeding ourselves and our family."

- Ashley Visco, MSW, LCSW, CCM, Community Health Director