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TT's Troops

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Our Story:

Often it takes watching a loved one go through a health crisis such as breast cancer to open our eyes and want to do more to help them and others in their battle. We all know a wife, daughter, sister, cousin, friend or co-worker and many others who have suffered with breast cancer because this disease does not discriminate.
TT’s Troops was formed in 2015 when Terri Bucks was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. She underwent a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. The doctors and nurses of the Penn State Health Breast Cancer in Hershey were tremendously supportive during her treatment. A support group that meets once a month encourages people undergoing their battle and/or who are survivors to talk about their experiences and reassure the other women that they are not alone. A nurse in the breast cancer wing helped Terri with a list of what to expect and items needed when they go through surgery/treatment. Some patients are fortunate to have insurance to cover the costs, and those who do not are glad for financial support as they go through the scary process of “getting well”. TT’s Care Packages include items needed after surgery when they come home.
Terri’s sister-in-law Kim Glass lost an aunt to breast cancer, has an aunt who is a survivor, and most recently her mother, Doreen, battled breast cancer and won.
Kim and Terri have held many PINK OUTS at the various local racetracks such as Linda’s Speedway, Clyde Martin Memorial Speedway and Big Diamond Raceway.  Through the sale of special breast cancer t-shirts, 50-50 raffle tickets, and gift basket raffles they have raised $16,260 to date. Kim’s 8-year-old daughter, Kayla, raised $1,000 by asking people for a donation and then they got to sign the hood of her quarter-midget race car. Faculty members of her school, Bethel Elementary, heard about her idea and also donated money.
Everyone, young and old, rich or poor, can help out by donating to the Penn State Health Breast Center. 
Thank you all for supporting the fighters going through their treatment; admire the survivors; and honor those taken because we must all NEVER, EVER, give up hope. Because finding a cure for breast cancer starts with HOPE.